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Industrial Engineering Solutions

1. Industrial Control & Automation

With about 10 plus years of working experience in the field in Pakistan, Qatar, KSA and UAE, our team of engineers possesses in-depth knowledge of Electrical, Instrumentation & PLC/DCS based control & SCADA systems. We can provide complete services for E&I. We are fully conversant with engineering and industrial standards. Our team of engineers has successfully implemented several challenging projects.

Moreover, we have a pool of highly qualified technical experts working as our associates and having vast experience in Electrical, Instrumentation and Power Projects. With this association with group of companies, we have attained resources and capability for executing projects from inception until completion.

2. Turnkey Projects:

We offer turnkey solutions for process & machine controls including complete installation, engineering & commissioning services of instrumentation & control.

Petroen Engineering’s highly trained engineers and friendly customer service professionals can find the optimal solution for the most demanding applications. This unique combination enables Petroen Engineering to offer our customers the best instrument value in the industry.

3. Instrumentation:

Petroen Engineering offers process measurement and control solutions. Our offered products and solutions are being used to measure and control flow, pressure, level, temperature and analytical. We provide broad lines of sensors, switches and transmitters in the industry.

We offer a wide range of flow meters for both liquid and gas applications including variable area flow meters, paddle wheel flow meters, turbine flow meters, vortex flow meters, oval gear meters, target flow meters, magnetic flow meters, coriolisflow meters and many more. We also offer a wide range of flow switches and flow transmitters.

Our pressure offering includes mechanical pressure switches, electronic pressure switches, mechanical pressure gauges, electronic pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.

Petroen Engineering level products include float level switches, optical level switches, ultrasonic level switches, conductive level switches, and many more. Petroen Engineering also offers a broad range of level transmitters including float-type level transmitters, magnetostrictive level transmitters, ultrasonic level transmitters and capacitance level transmitters. We also provide bypass level gauges and mini-bypass level gauges which are mounted on tanks to provide a visual indication of the level together with optional level switches and level transmitters.

We have many types of temperature measurement and control products including temperature switches, temperature gauges and temperature transmitters.

4. Control, Automation & SCADA systems

We offer products and services for all kind of leading PLC Control System including Rockwell Automation, Schneider Electric (Telemacanique) automation, Siemens- &, Mitsubishi Electric.

5. Valves

Petro Engineering offers all kinds and sizes of industrial valves like gate, butterfly, globe, check, ball valve, non-return valves, pressure relief valve etc. Our offered valves are hand lever operated, gear box operated, electric actuator / pneumatic operated, on-off as well as proportional control)to all kinds of industries including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemicals, water & waste water, food & beverages etc.

6. Fire & Safety System

6.1       Safety & Security Systems:

We offer full range of reliable and state of the art Security Systems. Applications of our products and equipment include Restricted Areas, Residential and Commercial Buildings, Commercial Banks, Show Rooms, Departmental Stores, Industrial Buildings, Warehouses etc. Main products for security systems offered by us include fire alarm and detection system, automatic fire suppression system FM200, CCTV system, public address system, access control system etc.

6.2       Fire & Gas Systems:

We offer complete turnkey Fire & Gas Systems that include field devices i.e. flame detectors, combustible and toxic gas detectors, surveillance and Hazard Detection, manual call point, beacon sounders etc. and their control systems based on DMR, TMR or QMR and their installation, testing and commissioning.

7. Building Management Systems

Petroen Engineering has a team of professionals who carried out many successful turnkey projects in building management system on the following products/systems:

  • Johnson Controls
  • TAC
  • Siemens
  • Distech Controls
  • Tridium

8. Electrical & Power

8.1       Switchgear Supply and Allied Engineering Services:

  • LV Switch Gear i.e. Main Incoming Panels, Motor Control Centre (MCC), Power Factor Improvement (PFI) & Power Distribution Panels.
  • All type of Control panels i.e. PLC, DCS and AC / DC Drive panels.
  • Synchronizing & Load Sharing panels, Manual Changeover (MCO), Auto Mains Failure (AMF), Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) & Manual Override (MOR) Panels.

8.2       Electrical Engineering Services:

  • All type of Electrical Engineering Services i.e. Erection, Commissioning and Shut Down Services on Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Process and Batch Industries
  • Fabrication and Erection of all kinds of (Hot Dip Galvanized or Powder coated) Cable Trays, Cable Ladders and allied accessories
  • Supply, Laying and Termination of all kind of Power and Control Cables.
  • Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance Services for all kinds of Low Voltage Electrical Equipment.
  • Engineering Services of Indoor and Out Door Lighting System i.e. Security Lights, Street Lights and Flood Lights.
  • Earthing System.

8.3       Generator Sets & Allied services:

  • Supply, Installation & Commissioning services of Diesel/Gas Generators.
  • Facility of Minor & Major overhauling of Diesel/Gas generators along with supply of all kinds of generator set parts & consumables (Oil, Fuel and Air Filters etc.).
  • Supply, installation & commissioning services of Generator Control and Synchronization and Load Sharing Modules.
  • Annual Operation/Maintenance Contracts.